Agent Availability API

NewVoiceMedia’s Agent Availability API enables you to query the availability of agents based on required skills. Agent availability is grouped by the following presence categories: Ready, Away, Extended Away and Logged Out.

Want to know more? Visit Agent Availability API.


To use any NewVoiceMedia API, you will need a bearer access token.

To find out how to get yourself a token, you’ll need to take a look here: Documentation for authenticating with NewVoiceMedia APIs.

Conversation Analyzer API

NewVoiceMedia’s Conversation Analyzer API enables you to access data about the contents of the conversations your agents had with your customers.

Sound interesting? Take a look at the Conversation Analyzer API documentation here: Conversation Analyzer API.

Insights Stats API

NewVoiceMedia’s Insights Stats API enables you to access data about your agents, interactions and queues.

To view Insights Stats API documentation, head over to Insights Stats API.

Interactions API

NewVoiceMedia’s Interactions API enables you to perform the following actions:

  • invoke interaction flows through one or more named routes within NewVoiceMedia
  • release interactions that are already in the system
  • register a provider that can be used when routing an interaction

For Interaction Plan API documentation, go to Interactions API.